Draft Update to Vail Open Lands Plan Available for Public Review and Comment

A modified draft of the Town of Vail Open Lands Plan Update is now available for public review and comment. The document has been revised and expanded based on input from citizens and technical experts to include considerations that were identified during a community wildlife forum hosted by the town in January, among other topics.

The draft plan is available for download at vailgov.com/openlandsupdate and will be reviewed by the Vail Planning and Environmental Commission on Monday, March 26 with opportunities for public comment.

In addition to wildlife and habitat considerations, modifications to the draft plan include additional discussion of conservation easements as well as a revised trails ideas plan. The draft also includes recommendations to acquire additional parcels for varying public purposes such as environmental protection, habitat management and protection, affordable housing as well as recommendations on the management of the town’s open lands.

The process of updating the 1994 Comprehensive Open Lands Plan has involved extensive public input, including open houses, workshops and trails scoping sessions.

The community is encouraged to participate in the review of this plan by the Planning and Environmental Commission and the Vail Town Council. Public hearings will be scheduled with the Vail Town Council in which recommendations from the PEC will be forwarded to the Town Council for final deliberation and adoption. It is anticipated that the Town Council’s formal review of the plan will begin in April, pending a Planning and Environmental Commission recommendation.

Plan comments are being collected online at vailgov.com/openlandsupdate or forward to Kristen Bertuglia, project manager, at kbertuglia@vailgov.com.